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Colombian amazon

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Colombian amazon

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Why do you know where the Earth breathes?

The Amazon is like a great living being, and it is indeed the epicentre where the Earth breathes

For decades the Amazon has been described as “the lung of the world” because it maintains the balance between the absorption of carbon-dioxide (CO2) from the environment and the release of oxygen we need to live. No matter what corner of the world we find ourselves breathing in, the Amazon produces 20% of the oxygen we need.

The Amazon región, including the river, its tributaries, and forests, is a vast and complex system of plants and animals that circulate much of the planet’s air. From the land, the gigantic trees with branches and leafy treetops carry countless large and tiny animal species and host exotic flora. The abundant rains feed the singular Amazonian green, synonymous with life and full existence.


For these reasons, knowing the Amazon is a great privilege and opportunity. You can experience and enjoy the wild nature and the simple and beautiful lifestyles of its people in this pure and rustic place.

Explosion of life

The Amazon región includes seven million square kilometres of tropical forest producing an exceptional and diverse ecosystem. Its water and oxygen help link live all over the world. The magnitude of biodiversity is proportional to the immense size. The Amazon River is the longest and most plentiful in the world with 6,992 kilometres of length, and the largest watershed on the planet..

Precisely because of its relevance it was declared by the New 7 Wonders Foundation as the seventh natural wonder of the world, in November 2011. In this ecosystem, it contemplates that there are around 40,000 species of plants, 1,300 species of birds (20% of the world’s species), 3,000 kinds of fish, more than two million different insects, 430 types of mammals.

1.300 bird species

20%  of the Earth species

In human terms, diversity is also essential. There are between 400 and 500 indigenous communities, of which it is estimated that 50% have not had contact with the outside.  Also, they compose heterogeneous linguistic groups.

Weather in Leticia

As expected from any jungle, the weather in the Colombian Amazon has little variation during the year. The temperature ranges from 27.6 ° C (maximum average) and 23,5ºC (minimum average). Rains, however, are significant: 2,660 mm per year.

Sun Shower






Before the trip

Leticia is capital of the Colombian Amazon. The region is a vast territory that makes up part of the immense region of the Amazon rainforest shared with Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guyana, Suriname, and Bolivia. In Colombia this region comprises an area of 483,119 sq km, 42% of the national territory. This is the least populated zone of the country.

  • Population: 55.000 inhabitants
  • Area: 109.665 Km2
  • Indigenous Population: Huitotos, Yaguas, Tukunas, Ticunas, Boras.
  • Economy: Timber harvesting, fishing and tourism
  • Airport: Vásquez Cobo.

From Bogota

Avianca and Latam offer a daily flight from Bogota to Leticia. The flight lasts an hour and 45 minutes.

From Manaus – Brazil

Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras Linhas Aereas Brasileiras and Trip are the airlines that cover this destination. The flight takes about an hour and 35 minutes. The cost of flights varies greatly depending on whether you plan your trip in high or low season. We recommend you to buy your tickets in advance. Know more


The “rapidos” are a type of boat that makes 12-hour trips between Iquitos and Leticia, or 36-hour trips between Manaus and Leticia, traveling through the magnificent waters of the Amazon river.

The “rapidos” are a type of boat that makes 12-hour trips between Iquitos and Leticia, or 36-hour trips between Manaus and Leticia, traveling through the magnificent waters of the Amazon river. Read more about our tours.

Little luggage is the key when travelling to the Amazon. We recommend you to include:

  • Cool cotton clothing, long sleeve shirts, pants, raincoats, rubber boots and walking shoes, bathing suit and towel.
  • Flashlight and camera with enough batteries and chargers
  • Mosquito repellent and sunscreen
  • Vaccination record. You may be asked to show this document at the port in Leticia.
  • Analgesics and your regular basic medicines.
  • Pesos(Colombian currency), Soles (Peruvian currency) and Reales (Brazilian currency) in small denomination.  Know more
  • Get vaccinated against yellow fever and tetanus in advance. Check your medical service and your health conditions. This is only a recommendation.
  • Take B complex at least eight days prior to your trip, to avoid mosquito bites.
  • 85 nationalities are not required to hold a visa to travel to Colombia.