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tips for an amazon trip


A destination like the amazon jungle

A destination like the amazon jungle
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Why visit the Amazon?

Discovering the Amazon rainforest is an important decision in your life. It will be part of one of the most remarkable experiences you can keep in your memory and a beautiful gift that can give to yourself and your loved ones. If you are trying to live intense and exciting sensations, this is your journey!

Here, you will have a direct encounter with the most diverse forms of life.  Many sounds, many colours, many species, different people, all at the same time. A world in a constant development process, as a positive natural and cultural contrast.

You can also do it safely because we provide you with great accommodation and the guide to choose the most compatible places with your idea of a trip to the Amazon.  And with  appropriate guidance and advice for unknown.

Come where the Earth breathes!

What can I discover in the Amazon trip?

A complete answer is only possible by coming to the Amazon, and not just once, but several times. But let’s just mention some fascinating experiences to the Amazon: On the Night Safari you will meet small alligators, and in the moonlight, the red eyes of the crocodiles will follow you as the most special spectators you imagine having.

If your dream is of those who fly then yours is the bird watching, on a walking tour you will find a great diversity of birds that your senses will impact by such beauty. If you want to feed playful monkeys that will surround you in a friendly way, then you should visit the Monkey Island.

You can also have a meeting with the famous pink dolphins, inhabitants of the Amazon River. We have many tours to offer you where step by step you will find the vegetation, the enormous trees, the world’s largest lotus, the Victoria Regia.

Don’t forget. We make it easy to discover the Amazon jungle!

And you! How many monkeys can you carry?

New flavors: Exotic Amazonian fruits

The Amazon offers a wide variety of exotic fruits, rich in vitamins and with very particular flavours that need to be tested more than once to adapt the palate to these unusual flavours. Most of its production is local and wild, and there are no industrial crops. Amazon B&B will offer you some of these juices because testing them can be a unique experience for you!

Exotic Amazon fruits

Copoazu: It is a variant of the cocoa, it is white inside and has an exquisite flavour. Some indigenous communities use their seeds crushed to make chocolate. The juice can be a little acidic.

Acerola or camu camu: It is rich in vitamin C, its juice is like a delicious pink lemonade that removes thirst in seconds.

Copona: It is acidic, and its juice is very refreshing. In the international

Carambolo: It is acidic, and its juice is very refreshing. In the international market is used in cocktails and is known as the star fruit.

Fruits, fruits and more fruits!

Amazonian banana flower

Where is the Amazon B&B Hotel?

The Amazon B&B is located in the heart of Leticia, capital of the Colombian Amazon. The perfect place for the free movement of our visitors because it is close to the main attractions of this area. You will have the first approaches to natural wonders in the Parque Santander, when at sunset you can enjoy the birds watching, a show worth admiring. Even better if you can climb the bell tower of the Cathedral Nuestra Señora de la Paz, where you will have the best view of this powerful sounds and images spectacle and the rest of the town.

We make it easy to discover the Amazon jungle!

Main attractions                                         

Just steps away from the hotel, you will find the Santo del Ángel Restaurant. Two blocks away there is the Museo Etnográfico del Banco de la República, which exhibits millenary and diverse Amazonian cultures. And four blocks away is the port where you will start your adventure to the Amazon jungle. At the end of the daily excursions, you will rest in an atmosphere of intimacy and calm of Amazon B&B.

Besides, you will be in the safest sector by the proximity of the police station. And we are very close to the airport Vásquez Cobo to find you first on arrival and accompany you in your departure if you wish.

The Amazon B&B indoor Garden

View of the Parque Santander and Cathedral Nuestra Señora de la Paz

What is Leticia like and surroundings?

Unlike other capitals of Colombia, Leticia is actually a small town with basic infrastructure. It is also a destination away from other major cities in the country, a condition that increases some costs of products and services in the area.

However, it is an important port for trade and connection with Brazil  and Peru  because of its proximity to the Amazon RiverLeticia is a strategic point of the so-called “three borders” (Colombia, Brazil, Peru), and it is a border town with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga (36.371 inhabitants). That is why, there is an important commercial exchange with Brazil, which allows using the two national currencies (Colombian peso and Brazilian real). In addition between the two nationalities speak a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese creating what is called “portoñol”.

Leticia and Tabatinga seem to form a single city because an avenue of free access joins them. You can take a tuk-tuk (motorcycle taxi) to go to the “street of friendship”, where there are several shops. But Tabatinga is not a safe place, because tourists can often be victims of robberies and assaults and it is not advisable to visit without a guide or late at night.  

Another characteristic of Leticia is that the majority of its population is of indigenous origin and different ethnic communities  such as Uitotos, Tikunas, Tucanos, Yaguas and others. As mentioned above, one of the interesting activities you can do in Leticia  is to visit the Museo Etnográfico del Banco de la República, where you can learn about the fascinating ethnic diversity of the Amazon and its cultures.

All these peculiarities of Leticia make it an authentic place to know as a natural and rustic complement that offers the Amazon.

More rain or less rain?

The climate of the Amazon is warm and very humid, it is one of the zones of the world with more rains. Periods with more or less rainfall gives specific characteristics on the environment.

Less rain (June-September)

In early June, after the frosts of Brazil, between one and two weeks you will enjoy a few days of a delightful climate, more refreshing. Then the summer begins, with temperatures of 30 º C (86°F), but there is always the possibility of rain, shorter and with more intervals. It is a more benign and pleasant climate to visit the Amazon, with less chance of developing malaria and dengue. Lowering the water level in the Amazon river is easier to see the mating of the dolphins, as well as more mammals in the internal lakes. Also when the flow of rivers and lakes come down, some clear sandy beaches appear, and it is possible to bathe. But at sunset, the mosquitoes increase because the wet sand attracts them.

More rain (December-May)

There is another kind of nature. It is to live the thickness of the rainforest. It is wilder, indomitable, unpredictable, rebel: more jungle! That is the jungle, it is the impotence of not being able to dominate nature, but it is life in all its processes. And it is real greenery! For those who like authentic nature can find all the sense in this period. But you have to be prepared to face more mosquitoes and a lot of water falling from the sky!

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